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Behind Amours des Vêtements

The HomePage did a great job of summarizing my mission. 



And I Came Up With A Catch Phrase To Go With It!

DG: Dolce & Gabbana Meets Dollar General 


DG=Dolce & Gabbana + Dollar General



Here's How It All Went Down...

The Dolce Gabbana In Me

I used to be a regular (shopper) at Anthropologie. I used to frequent the high end boutiques in the downtown shopping district of my hometown. I loved those unique pieces, made out 100% natural fibers, made in Italy...🤤

I am now in my 30's--and spending $75.00 or more on basically a "unique t-shirt" that would still be considered too casual for work was becoming indefensible!


Friends...embarrassing confession time...I used to have a monetary limit for skirts🤪🤭...

  • They had to be under $300!  UNDER $300 DOLLARS!?  YO!  WHAT WAS I THINKING!?  WHAT WORLD WAS I LIVING IN?!

I mean yeah I was young; I didn't have the financial responsibilities that I do now, etc. etc. I'm not trying to beat myself up too hard, nor am I trying to beat up anyone else that enjoys the higher caliber of things 🥂. But higher caliber doesn't have to mean higher dollar (seriously).



The Dollar General In Me

**I boiled it down to 2 sentences at the bottom of the paragraph if you'd like to skip ahead. i hope you're interested and give it a scan, but i totally understand, and i am NOT GOOD at Not Rambling. I tried breaking it up with bullet points. I did my best. 😊💖

  • I have always been attracted to and moved by such ideas as "ecology", "green movement", "shoestring budget", "upcycle", "diy", and so on. 

  • I've ALWAYS wanted to be a farmer and a wildlife conservationist...Before I Go On Too Far😁...I know it doesn't make sense for me to segue into this right after talking about how i used to spend $$BUCKS$$ ON CLOTHES🤑😆😉😜 It was a phase--started in the middle of high school and ended in the middle of my twenties. 

  • In my mid-twenties, I moved out to the country/rural area of my township. I moved closer to the college I was attending, getting my Vet Tech Degree. My friend and I moved into a trailer, on a couple of acres.

    • I was about to go on a long shpeel about how life had changed. In fact! If you ARE interested in rural type living; #animals, #diy, #gardening; you can check out my infant site, Rural Urbanite!

  • So. In this new environment, in this new town, we were living. Away from the city and off of our parents' credit cards😆😅. The stores we frequented NOW were Walmart, Tractor Supply, and Family Dollar. (side note: my true calling) 

  • I started getting my clothes at Family Dollar, and on the CLEARANCE RACK of Walmart (Please Do This! You Will Find Clothes You Love For $0.65 to $6.00!)

  • Every time I went back into the city, I'd stop by my mom's house first. She always freaked out, gushed, about what I was wearing! (something she had never done before (?!?)) She loved my new clothes! Every time she asked where they were from, the true answer was "Family Dollar."

"Oh yeah, I love these leggings too! They were 3 for $10 bucks!"

  • Anyway, though I've never been overly materialistic, (have always loved going to the thrift stores, and upcycling; since junior high. i wont get too detailed--this is in the Forum of the site--of my peculiar "fashion"--i called it "Band Shirts & Designer Skirts") anyway, not overly materialistic, but like..i NEVER bought sh*t from Walmart or DG or Family Dollar; we grew up thinking Walmart was evil...dangit, this is turning into a tangent...i tried so hard!--

**The Dollar General In Me: I grew up never going to places like Walmart and Dollar Stores, not because of snobbishness, but a bunch of other reasons; and when I moved out to the country and those were the only stores, I was introduced to a whole new world. And am super grateful for that. 

My Shocking Introduction Into The World Of Retail


  • Now-a-days, most consumers are aware of this, which is great. I WAS NOT! I had no idea! I thought that I was paying for what I was getting and vice versa! My parents always said "you get what you pay for." Perhaps that was true in their day. 

  • One day I meet a lady. Remember the boutiques downtown I used to frequent in my younger years? She was the owner of one of those boutiques, and had been around forever. Her clothing was not quite my style, so I could not brag that I was a long-time patron.

  • She and my mom became friends. My mom went to NYC/New York/Big Apple/Where-Dreams-Are-Made-Of/NY with this boutique owner to "Market"--the super exclusive, days long ordeal where those that make and design clothing and accessories display their newest products, and retail store owners come and order anything they might like for their shop.

  • When I found out how much the clothes that I was purchasing ACTUALLY cost, I was shocked. I mean really shocked. A $175.00 sweater from "Free Persons"😉(or any other higher dollar mainstream company)? The original price was likely 3 to 5 dollars, maybe $15.


How Could This Be? What Could I Do With This Information?

Amour Des Vetements : For The Love Of Clothing

This has been my eBay screen-name, my business name, and a credo of mine for about 20 years. 

I've always been on the sidelines of things. This is my first attempt to be in the mud!


I Love Nice Clothes. And Everyone Deserves Some Nice Clothes Now and Again.

  • Clothes That You Can Tell AREN'T A Piece Of Crap

  • Clothes That YOU Can Care About

  • Clothes That You Know Will Fit Right, And You Will Enjoy Time and Time Again


So, remember the wholesale/retail thing? That's where I can actually make a difference, ey?!

My Plan is to sell clothes for basically as low as I can! You'll see! It's going to be awesome!

Please get psyched! I care about this for real! I cant wait! 

purchasing wholesale! not marking up like crazy!



Higher Caliber Doesn't Have To Mean Higher Dollar!

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